About Us

About Us


The Pershing Square Foundation is a private family foundation based in New York. The Foundation was founded in December 2006 by Karen and Bill Ackman. Bill is the CEO and Portfolio Manager of Pershing Square Capital Management, L.P.

The Pershing Square Foundation awards grants and social investments to support exceptional leaders and innovative organizations that tackle important social issues and deliver scalable and sustainable impact.

The Foundation funds in the US and internationally. We do not accept unsolicited funding applications.

How We Fund


Exceptional Leaders


Social Impact


The Pershing Square Foundation seeks to fund programs that are catalytic for social change and meaningfully improve people’s lives. We back talented, passionate, driven people, whose innovations – often disruptive – can have the highest, leveraged impact. We are willing to take risks, deploying the Foundation’s resources where they can really make a difference.

Our approach is businesslike and results-oriented. We make substantial, transformative grants and social investments. At the moment of funding by PSF, programs are normally at an inflection point, when targeted investment will be instrumental to their ability to scale and accelerate impact.

We actively measure the outcomes
and impact of our investments
We collaborate to solve the toughest
challenges in growth, reaching those who can benefit most and develop creative ideas for change.
We fund non-profits and for-profits
combining impact and long term,
sustainable revenues.

PSF’s support is intended to be flexible and unbureaucratic. Grants and impact investments made by The Pershing Square Foundation are designed to be sufficient size and targeted to tilt the trajectory of future growth, both during and beyond the period we fund.