The 5 Most Generous On Wall Street

By Alexander Stein (FastCompany) – As part of our series on generosity in business, we’re looking at some of the financial wizards who are using their skills and assets to give back to society in the most impressive and inspiring ways.

Jeff Walker

Former chairman of CCMP.

Walker is the former chairman of CCMP (the successor of JPMorgan Partners) and a dedicated philanthropist whose philosophy on giving is very much tied to his practical spirituality. Known for integrating business strategies with the nonprofit world, his influence has reached renowned charitable initiatives.

Brent Kessel

CEO and co-founder of Abacus Wealth.

Abacus is a B-Corp that invests in socially responsible and sustainable investment portfolios, and among registered investment advisors, it has committed more capital to microfinance equity funds than just about any other. An active Acumen Partner, Kessel’s generosity stretches over the globe and is linked to his ability to bridge the worlds of finance, yoga, and meditation.

Rob Kaplan

Former Vice Chairman, Goldman Sach

Kaplan, the former vice chairman of Goldman Sachs, is now a professor of Management Practice at Harvard Business School, and a co-chair at the early-stage global venture philanthropy firm, Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation.

Margo Alexander

Former CEO and Chairman of UBS AG Global Asset Management

Alexander is the first woman to head a major research department, first woman to oversee a trading floor, and the first to head a large asset management company. Alexander is the former CEO and chairman of UBS AG Global Asset Management and a dedicated leader with the Acumen Fund. She served as the Fund’s board chair for nine years and remains actively involved in their social impact investing efforts.

Bill Ackman

Pershing Square Capital Management

Ackman is the entrepreneur behind the activist hedge fund Pershing Square Capital Management. In 2006, he amplified his philanthropic efforts by starting the Pershing Square Foundation to support innovation in economic development, education, human rights, health care, arts, and urban development.

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