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Last Mile Health

Raj Panjabi


Worldwide, one billion people lack access to healthcare due to distance. Our vision is a health worker for everyone, everywhere, every day.

Last Mile Health has created and proven a new model of healthcare delivery: community health workers are trained to save lives in the world’s most remote villages. With less than $1 million in grants and loans from PSF, Last Mile Health surged in response to the Ebola crisis, becoming, in the process, the national healthcare delivery model for the country of Liberia. Last Mile Health officially launched a partnership with the country’s Ministry of Health in July 2016, unlocking $35 million in government funds for its National Community Health Program. Now with USAID funds, the global community is examining the LMH/Liberian model for other countries. In 2017, founder Raj Panjabi was recognized for this work with a Skoll award and a Ted Prize, among others.

Raj Panjabi - Last Mile Health