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The Social Entrepreneurs’ Fund

Liz Luckett


TSEF seeks to invest in software and services enabling efficiencies and data analysis for organizations trying to reach low-income, underserved markets

The Social Entrepreneurs’ Fund (TSEF) was incubated at The Pershing Square Foundation in 2011 to invest in for-profit companies with strong social missions, including those led by Echoing Green Fellows. TSEF was later spun out as an independent and freestanding fund, in which PSF is now one of eight investors. Led by entrepreneur Liz Luckett, the TSEF portfolio includes companies across two funds including Angaza, Aunt Bertha, BeneStream, Carbon Lighthouse, Clinicas del Azúcar, Cloud Factory, ConnXus, First Access, Frogtek, Liberty & Justice, PharmaSecure, and Many of these entrepreneurs are consistent with TSEF’s investment thesis that technology can help reduce the costs of reaching underserved markets, allowing companies to serve low income communities in a responsible and sustainable way. TSEF has posted strong financial returns alongside impressive social performance: its portfolio companies have saved 1,500 lives in Liberia, offered affordable diabetes care to more than 10,000 low-income Mexicans, assisted more than 15,000 low-wage employees in registering for Medicaid, helped 7,600 people access loans in Tanzania, placed security codes on more than 100 million packages of prescription drugs in India, and saved U.S. inmates millions of dollars in phone calls home, keeping them connected to their families and communities.