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STiR Education

STiR Education is an international NGO that supports education systems to reignite intrinsic motivation, so that every child, teacher and official is motivated to learn and improve. STiR recognizes that children today face an increasingly complex world. To succeed, all children will need to learn and adapt throughout their lives. And education systems need to support them by instilling motivation for learning and improvement. STiR believes that the most sustainable way to develop the motivation to learn is by reigniting intrinsic motivation at all levels of an education system. It supports governments to employ practical strategies that promote positive behaviours in teachers and officials. And in turn, these build a love for learning in children. STiR is working towards a world where teachers love teaching and children love learning. Since 2012, it has reached 200,000 teachers and 6 million children across India and Uganda. And by 2025, STiR aspires to reach 25 million children across at least six countries (India, Uganda, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Brazil and Egypt).

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